Who you calling a punk?

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by James C. Stephens

Sunday, July 11, 1971

Today was really amazing from beginning to end. After YMD Gongyo, we did Kosen-rufu Gongyo[1] with Sogohonbucho. Afterwards he gave a Gosho lecture which really encouraged my faith greatly (May Seikyo Times[2]).

After the Gosho lecture we had a successful Brand Band Practice at Hollywood Park until 4:00. It was smoggy, but cooler than the Valley. After Band we hurried home to prepare for the arrival of Mr. Fukushima from Japan. This time Beverly Hills and Malibu met at the airport. I was a Yusohan and had the great privilege of shaking Mr. Fukishima’s hand and carrying his luggage to the World Tribune Bus.

Afterwards, I promoted World Tribune to Tony. That situation is changing. I got a ride with Nancy Whitman chanted all the way, slept on the way home. At the Shibu, Schumow & Whitman goofed up the W.T., but it got straightened out. I asked Russ about my brother’s W.T. and he called me a punk for talking back at him. I am still mad at him for that.

I talked harshly at Nancy Schumow and got scolded for it Tuesday night.


Monday, July 12, 1971

Work was a super drag today. But this evening was really amazing. We had a YMD meeting with Mr. Fukushima, the Youth Division Chief. Everything he talked about was so beautiful. I wrote everything I could catch in my lecture book pg. 15-23. My feeling was one of great excitement, but still that isn’t the word. I learned a great deal about Gohonzon and Pres. Ikeda that night.


Tuesday, July 13, 1971

Today was another heavy day at work. They all seem so hard. Today Dad got laid off. The Sansho Shima before Seattle is unbelievable. Last night I got scolded really severely by Russ and today, all day I felt like beating his face in. My worst nature is coming out.


Wednesday, July 14, 1971

Today my life hit a super low ebb. I worked, but when I got home, I completely crashed. I still haven’t enshrined Jason’s Gohonzon. That is such a bad feeling…I got up at 8:30 did Gongyo and daimoku and crashed. What a waste of a day. Shit!


[1] Kosen-rufu  (World Peace through the establishment of Buddhism as the true faith) Gongyo (chant a chapter and half of the Lotus Sutra and the Daimoku) was held once a month on Sunday when we did a special set of prayers for world peace.

[2] Seikyo Times was the monthly study magazine of the Nichiren Shoshu Study Academy.

Genjiro Fukushima was at that time the head of the Youth Division in Japan and later became the VP of the Soka Gakkai before splitting with Daisaku Ikeda.

Life note: Looking back on those days, I realize now that in the movement it was all about forward movement and for the most part no one knew what was going on in your life, e.g., parents getting divorced, financial problems, world crashing in around you. Maybe I should call these comments “looking back-life in the rear view mirror.”


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