Clarinets, Shoe Salesman and Divorce

Posted: October 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

by James C. Stephens

Tuesday, July 6, 1971 

As each day brings nearer the Seattle Convention, it seems I am getting more confused and frustrated. Today I worked on a part for Clarinet section music folders and then my mom came in from Mammoth. We had a good honest talk about the family and ourselves. It was really revealing. She said she had been reading Family Revolution and she said she’s been going through Human Revolution and I replied, Yeh, even more than you know. In the evening, we had a Brass Band Practice at Valley State. It seems so hard to get my Ichinen together for Seattle, either I’m going through super numbers or I just am completely lazy and lax. Damn!

My “don’t care nature” has been coming out and dammit, I wish I could get it together.


Wednesday, July 7, 1971 

Today was the worst, but the best. I have never slept so long in my life. It was terrible, I just could not move. I talked to Russ of my problem and he really gave me great encouragement to look ahead. He said you’re not alone in freaking out, everyone practically goes insane. I went home and chanted daimoku and practiced my instrument.


Thursday, July 8, 1971

This morning I received a very encouraging letter from my brother Ron. I know living at Mammoth is probably best for his Human Revolution, even though he doesn’t realize it now.

This evening we got to try on our uniforms. Totally amazing. After we got dressed in them Sogohonbucho came up and gave us great encouragement for Seattle. He said, “The other Band may have $500 uniforms, but inside they are dead, yours are less, but nice, but smiling faces make them most important. We did not get uniforms to look nice or have bands to look and sound good, but everything we do is for Kosenrufu!

He told us of a shoe salesman who went to an outer island in Japan and wired back to the manager, no chance—no one wears shoes here. The manager had a different view. Oh, but it looks great—so many shoes will be sold. The same with Gohonzon. Only a handful in Seattle have heard of Gohonzon, but through your music, parade, Min-on, etc., more people will hear and understand that there is a beautiful life waiting in Gohonzon. Millions of people to Shakubuku, isn’t it wonderful?! AAO! AAO! AAO!

I have the feeling no matter how shitty things get with me if I follow Sogohonbucho and Pres. Ikeda things will be wonderful in the future.

My mom and dad I am sure are going to get a divorce. But Pres. Ikeda’s guidance is all true. With my enlightenment and change in destiny they will also become happy and change…I really don’t worry.


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