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by James C.  Stephens

Tuesday, June 15, 1971


World TribuneWorld Tribune.

Well, today I really have the determination to change our situation at home, so I started on the garage. I didn’t realize we had so many different items. It was really encouraging for our future garage sale…It must have reached 100 degrees today, boy it was warm.

Sal and I promoted tonight, but met no success in subscriptions. I talked to my Uncle Wally and then to Kim my cousin. I know she wants to change, but is too suppressed psychologically by her husband Ed. I really Shakubukued her by trying to wake her up, I think Gohonzon came through to her. Afterwards, Sal and I went over to Mike Schubert’s, but he was not home. His sister Julie, really asked a lot of questions. I feel she will be the first in the Schubert family to chant if anyone does. Mr. Schubert was extremely depressed because of his mother’s cancerous condition.

Got home about 11:15 and had a short talk with my Dad. He is trying, but it is hard for a non-member. They just don’t have any life force to get anything really accomplished. We set the date for a garage sale this Saturday.


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