Nagging Hancho

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by James C. Stephens

Friday, June 18, 1971


Preparation day for the garage sale. Nancy came over after she got out of school and helped me. After we had been working we just came to say we didn’t really think there was really anything between us and the whole relation was really phony. Strange thing we both felt it.

Oh, last night I had a blow mind experience. I called up my old girl friend Judy Gold and she had practiced 2 months in Denver, but quit afterwards because she was turned off by a nagging hancho (most probably just her own nature) But I encouraged her to try again and she told me yes. She said she really got into it.

So she came to the Daimoku toso tonight. She really liked it.

The whole situation is really strange because just the night before I called her she got home and I had a dream that she was practicing and something really traumatic happened in her family.

When I called her she told me her older sister had attempted suicide and almost succeeded. Strange isn’t it?

My dad also came but did not chant much.

Afterwards Sal and I went out and promoted with little success. We Shakubukued my 2nd cousin William. Wow. It was really human revolution because he is really a straight cop type and backed the police action May 5th at SFVSC (San Fernando Valley State College, now Cal State University Northridge). But we kept our heads and did a good Shakubuku on him. Afterwards we went out to Shubert’s. Mike wasn’t there so we talked to Julie and Cindy.

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