Karma Cutter Garage Sale

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by James C. Stephens

Saturday June 19, 1971


Well today was the day of the Garage Sale. Sal helped me set up and we got everything out. Early we didn’t get too much sold. When Nancy came over she went and chanted daimoku to my Gohonzon and business boomed. I made $50 for Seattle. That was my goal. I think this morning was even heavier. For dad came in and chanted 20 min with me on his own. I am sure it was as hard for both of us. I think that whole day was a karma-cutter.

I was late for the meeting which was really inexcusable. After the meeting we had a Jr. Hancho Meeting. Russ talked about Seattle and talked about what it is to be a leader. He said we are not trained to be plastic leaders, but our training is for our mission in life.

Ken and I promoted tonight, got 2 World Tribunes, not bad!


Karma-cutter. An expression we used in difficult situations that we faced and we believed changed our karma.

Jr. Hancho Meeting: A meeting for those leading the smallest unit in a district.

In hindsight. The garage sale was difficult in that I had no idea of the value of many of my Dad’s items. He was not pleased. It was difficult dealing with the wreckage left behind as a result of my parent’s divorce. Little did I realize at the time the gravity of the crisis.


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