by James C. Stephens

Monday, May 31, 1971


Today were the memorial services at Myohoji and we had Temple Yosohan. Soshibucho said we did a very good job as everything went smoothly for Sogohonbucho. The services were attended by a large crowd. Chico got his Gohonzon today, my first anniversary was also today. One year since I received Gohonzon.

Tuesday, June 1, 1971


In Man’s Religion’s I took a test on the Bible and got it back. I thought I completely screwed it, but I ended up with a middle C.


Harvey Hall led a Guidance meeting tonight with other senior leaders. Emphasis was on Seattle and its significance. Larry Shaw emphasized the fact that this would be like Tozon, because in Seattle we could really capture Pres. Ikeda’s and Sogohonbucho’s Spirit. He also said that the YMD Brass Band had a tremendous mission shakukuing Seattle citizens in the Parade.




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