Goals for Seattle Convention

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by James C. Stephens

Wednesday, June 9, 1971


File1125 - Copy - CopyWell I finally finished finals at about three o’clock today and it is really a relief to be done with school for the summer. As you notice I did not fill in the last few days in my record. Tonight at the Headquarters I realized how little faith I have and how little I feel for Pres. Ikeda. But tonight I resolve that I am going to Seattle and find out what I am doing.  Sometimes I feel so insufficient, and I know that my sincerity to change is really lacking. But I’ve been chanting 2 hours diamoku a day without fail. I think and hope that my attitude will change and that when I march down Fourth Street in Seattle that I really understand my life as well as feel Pres. Ikeda’s Spirit.


I realize that up until now my seeking mind has gone downhill, but I really want to find out what my life is about. I am going to try my best every day for Seattle. Maybe, then I can really meet my Master or at least realize his spirit. My whole year at Valley State made me realize that I just didn’t care about a lot of things. But this summer I am going to study and read without fail.


Sometimes I just feel like hanging everything up, it just gets so heavy. Everything around the house seems very sluggish and I know it’s at its worst. So from today I resolve to change my life as much as I can until Seattle, and find out what Seattle is really about for me and my country. It is evident that I am not doing anything except leading a day to day existence. I must have dreams and goals.

For Seattle:


  1. Happy Meetings
  2. My new YMD.-!
  3. To do my best in Brass Band
  4. Chang my whole situation at home into a benefit.
  5. Do happy Shakubuku and merciful
  6. Promote World Tribune
  7. Establish New Friends and re-establish old friendships.
  8. Get a job
  9. Get a car.
  10. New home-apt or small house
  11. Sell horses.
  12. Sell dogs.
  13. Become closer to my father.
  14. Establish Candy machine route.
  15. Become closer to my leaders and fellow members and people.
  16. Feel Pres. Ikeda and Sogohonbucho
  17. Do a fantastic art project.
  18. Develop my body and improve my health.



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