BB Gun, Fish, and Sex

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by James C. Stephens

Saturday, June 12, 1971


We had a short YMD meeting with emphasis on unity through daimoku and Gongyo for Seattle. After the short meeting Sal drove me to trim Faye’s rose bushes. It took only an hour and it didn’t turn out bad at all. Faye’s mother invited Sal and I in after work for a root-beer and was impressed by our smiles and good work. I think we did a good shakubuku on her and changed her impression of Nichiren Shoshu for the better.

My member Jason didn’t make it to the meeting because he threw a BB gun at his mother. Really sansho shima for Seattle. Also one of my guests came but freaked out at the chanting and left before I even knew he had come to the meeting. Wow.

After the meeting Russ and I had a good talk about things in general. He’s going to raise fish. He chanted for an aquarium and got turned onto to 2. Wow.

I promised Nancy I would help her on a lesson for history after the meeting, so first we went to my house and had a bite to eat. And we talked to my dad for quite some time. Then we went to her place and I tried to work on an essay on the cold war, but it came very hard. After that we chanted together for about 20 minutes and we were interrupted by one of her brother’s impromptu parties.

So we went to my house and chanted for about 20 more minutes about our problem. Afterwards we had a heavy conversation and also light hearted one about a lot of things. Then we started to get involved but both came to the realization that this type of relationship was really fruitless. We discovered or had a amazing realization that sex was very heavy on ego and once happening completely disregarded the other person as a human being. Sex had no feeling at all. But we talked and expressed our common feeling, the thing we had chanted for, came through in a way we did not think it could have. The whole experience was truly a benefit.

I also got a job today at Northridge Equipment rentals, chanting two hours a day really does yield some great benefits.


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