58 Days Until Seattle

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by James C. Stephens

Wednesday, May 26, 1971


58 days until Seattle-Unity was the subject at the May Leader’s meeting. We saw the Min-on film “See you in Seattle.”  Sogohonbucho then spoke and related President Ikeda’s guidance. He talked about his experience on the Min-On tour from Los Angeles-Sacramento-San Francisco-Hawaii. He told us about Murata’s change because of the Min-On of America and related his experience of Murata and his production manager. After 18 years of being titan, both of them because of their experience in America with Min-On have resolved to become strong disciples of Ikeda in Japan. Murata resolved to make it to Seattle to see Sogohonbucho. Murata cried out of happiness. It was the best time I ever heard Sogohonbucho speak. It was like we were talking just to each other. He’s amazing.


We got to play “Light Calvary” and the audience and we both delighted in that.


Talked with my Dad until late, more, planning


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