James C. Stephens

Sunday, May 16, 1971

Last three days, I’ve been going through hell. I feel either I will titan or stand up.

Monday, May 17, 1971

But luckily when you are in hell you can see why you are there and chant to overcome it. Like Nichiren Daishonin said that you pick yourself up off the same ground you trip on.

Yesterday, I got a benefit. My neighbor wants me to keep his pool up on my spare time for $20 a month. Today I got an even bigger benefit. MyFile1109 - Copy brother gave me his clarinet for my birthday. He is doing well in ski racing. Yesterday he took a first place at the San Gorgonio G.S. (giant slalom).

Tonight we had a study meeting and it turned out well and afterwards we had a Jr. Hancho meeting. Russ related guidance from Gary Curtis and Honbucho to us. Some points to remember:

  1. Your duty as a Jr. Hancho is not to give guidance but to chant Gongyo & Daimoku alongside of them.
  2. Even if you have one member, do your best.
  3. It is our mission to do Shakubuku. And Shakubuku for others is not merely telling them of it and leaving them, but getting them to a discussion meeting and helping them practice.
  4. Most important is to take your Shakubuku to Shibucho and make sure they know of every meeting and where the headquarters is at and introduce them to their senior leaders.
  5. The Discussion meeting is where Kosen-rufu is and it’s your opportunity to grow with your members. When you have a friend it makes everything much more enjoyable.
  6. The Seattle campaign will be very difficult but it will be like trimming the branches of a tree to make it stronger. Let’s advance with Seattle as our goal.
  7. If you are involved in a campaign and are hating it, you are losing. If you think of it as making money for Nichiren Shoshu you are losing. It is rather for you to realize your human revolution. Through a campaign you develop sincere action and through sincere action a sincere mind.
  8. Even when you have a goal of 50 Shakubuku set for 2 weeks and attain it in one, it is your benefit not to stop there, but to continue winning until the end. That is the way Nichiren would have it, for your human revolution.

It seems I am studying a bit more now because I have to, but I must make the determination to study day by day.

Ariba u Adelante” to Seattle.

Up and Go to Seattle.

Note: What I’ve noticed is that there is inevitably a post campaign depression after such a frenetic pace of activity. At the time however, I was simply exhausted and depressed, but did not connect the two.


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