By James C. Stephens

Monday, May 10, 1971


Nancy Schumow and I went out and promoted together. We saw Norm and Marianne, Dean and Winnie, and then Gail Rivera. I put up her Butsudon and then Nancy enshrined her Gohonzon. Nancy is really a close Buddhist friend. She told me tonight that she’s getting married. She really gives me great encouragement and a trusting friendship. She confides in me real trust and I just can’t express the friendship.

Well, tomorrow is the last day to sell Min-on tickets so I am chanting all night to help us fill up the Hollywood Bowl. Shibucho really encouraged us tonight to help Sogohonbucho.


Hollywood Bowl—AAO!


Tuesday, May 11, 1971

I chanted from 2 until 6 and then did Gongyo. I slept for about an hour and then attended my only class that I have on Tuesdays. After class I hitchhiked up to Russ’s and proceeded to get picked up by a recent Shakubuku of mine. After that I shakubukued some Christian person and he really seemed to be searching and noticed something in me through Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. So I headed to Russ’s and we chanted two more hours of vigorous daimoku. After 6 hours of daimoku all I could think of was Min-on promotion.

So Russ and I advanced to several locations and my first stop was James Monroe H.S. So I saw Nancy Whitman while I was Shakubuking my old acquaintances while I was Treasurer, Mrs. Sutherland. Then I went to the Counselor’s Office and talked to the Head Counselor Scott and we readily got involved in a fantastic conversation. As I was telling him of my new found practice, another counselor came in and we all talked together. Then Nancy came in and supported me greatly. Afterwards I Shakubukued an old history teacher of mine, Mr. Kleinberg. He used to be quite straight with short hair, but now has hair to his shoulders and is greatly involved in counseling.

Later, I shakubuked Mr. Miller, the principal of James Monroe High School and throughout all my shakubuku’s the Gohonzon really came through while on campus, I really saw the lack of humanism just by the look of the campus. It was completely run down like the students and the curriculum. They– meaning the administrators– still were talking about the same programs they talked about 4 years ago. No progress, stagnation. I really can feel why students can not get involved in school., it just further confirmed my growing determination for Kosen-rufu of the world (I’m writing this on May 13—But Sogohonbucho said that the United States is the world, just look at the different races. If you take the body that is the world, pull one hair and it hurts the whole body).

Nancy (Whitman) and I once again went out and promoted like crazy. Sancho Shima was very heavy selling tickets. But Nancy and I persisted for about twenty minutes and diamoku coming through sold two tickets to one of my member’s mother and sisters.

We then sold another ticket and promoted until the last minute. Then everyone turned the tickets in at the Shibu about 11:00 and we chanted and did Gongyo.

Nancy and I drove home together and something happened that I and Nancy had tacitly expected for sometime. We kissed and then knew we had blown it, but yet we didn’t think so. So we had a short talk and knew we had to talk to our Senior leaders. So I went in and crashed. I am now 20.

Kosen-rufu: The establishment of world peace through the propagation of True Buddhism.

AAO!: A Buddhist hip, hip, hooray accompanied by pumping up your arm and throwing your fist up in the air three times. Some feel it looked a little too Nazi to them and were intimidated.



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