Brass Band Performs at the Hollywood Bowl

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by James C. Stephens

Friday, May 7, 1971


Attended school today, but I am finding the study of Christianity unimpressive and further proving my faith in Gohonzon.


Saturday, May 8, 1971


Got up late, but managed to make to Hollywood Bowl at 12:00 or so. I practiced alone and with the Band until the performance at 7:00. During the practice for this General Meeting, I have developed many good friends, and it has also developed my human revolution a step further. The Meeting tonight was super fantastic. My mother and brother attended. I am happy that they came. I am also very happy to have Sogohonbucho back from Japan. Our performance was not very fantastic technically, but Sogohonbucho was proud of us. He made us feel better when he played a song for “my Brass Band.” He showed us a film of his trip to Japan to see Pres. Ikeda. He showed their tennis match and pictures inside Sho-Hondo. He related Pres. Ikeda’s Guidance, “Action is Shakubuku” and reference to hardships in youth are necessary…He also told us of the 2 new temples being built in the U.S., one in San Francisco and the other in Chicago.


Sunday, May 9, 1971


I had a real bad dream last night about my Gohonzon. It was stolen, but then I discovered it destroyed. It was one hell of a nightmare. Boy I was really in hysterics.


I’ve been having a lot of strange dreams lately.


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