by James C. Stephens

Wednesday, May 5, 1971

Life Magazine Front Cover Kent State ShootingsToday was the 1st anniversary of the Kent State killings and the strike had no momentum or support. Approximately 200 students marched on the bank, afterwards Devonshire riot division chased the demonstrators clean back onto campus. It was really a stupid and very antagonistic move by the police. Approximately 80 students were arrested during the demonstration. Number one, the cops had no right invading the campus like animals. Of course the students did antagonize the police, but I felt they had it coming. They beat one student in the groin about four times while four other cops held him down. They were like animals. I really felt the anxiety of the students. The cops made me equally mad. Russ and I ventured to see the cops confront the demonstrators on Darby Street and then they chased us across the parking lot. For some reason members are very interested in watching these student movements.



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