by James Stephens

Thursday, April 29, 1971


File2977After my political science class, I sat in the cafeteria and studied there till 1:30. After that I talked to a friend and this girl for sometime. We had a rally good rap and I ended up walking this girl to the administration and talking to her about Buddhism…I promoted Min-on tickets to a Japanese class, but met with no success except seeing where they were at and where I was at…Then when I was walking down the hall I saw Jack Sterk (a good friend my old debate coach) teaching a speech class, so he motioned me to come on in…I really think he’s a fantastic person.


Jack and I share common goals. We talked of value creation education and he talked of his views on education. He hit it right on the nail. Education is in a sad dehumanized state. I told him that one day he’ll probably teach at Soka University or High School in the United States. I really feel he will one day chant. It just looks like he is now under Gohonzon’s pull. He is sick of school, can’t find a job, and in general is very frustrated with the state of things…


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