One Christian Dude

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

by James C. Stephens

Saturday, April 24, 1971

Up at 4:30 drove my Dad to work, came home had a cup of coffee and did a good gongyo. Worked on my butsudon, drove my mom to work, came home worked on my butsudon and then I went to Jason’s  (my younger member) to get his butsudon started.


…One Christian Dude asked a lot of questions and after the meeting I talked to him. At first he just threw me all the same negative questions and finally I just looked at him and told him to try it. Strangely they can’t look you in the eye…That night Nancy Schumow took me down and I talked to Shibucho. He just told me that studies were important and my problem was in essence, applying myself.



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