by James C. Stephens

Sunday, April 18, 1971

In 1967, April 18 President Ikeda founded Myohoji temple with Nittatsu “Geka” Shonin and Sogohonbucho. Today was equally a beautiful and significant day in the history of our United States.

Senator Alan Cranston of California sent Sogohonbucho a letter of congratulations with a flag that flew over the nation’s capitol. Today that flag flies over Myohoji Temple.

What happened today is not possible for me to express in words. It was just happiness. Pure happiness and Unity.

I thank Gohonzon for letting us spend a day with our Sogohonbucho.

Events: Volleyball tournament, Parade, Flag raising ceremony, Young people’s egg hunt, Min-on show, eats and final volleyball, and tug-of-war.

Nancy and I visited Tony, but I just am not impressed with his lack of life.


Thanks, Pres. Ikeda.


Must sleep-



Myohoji Temple was lead by a Nichiren Shoshu priest and was located in Etiwanda, California. Evidently, during the controversy between the lay organization and priesthood, it was sold and is no longer a Buddhist temple. It is now the home of Etiwanda Gardens~ Christ’s Church of the Valley.



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