My Perfect Summer Job Summer Job Starts at $2.50 an Hour

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Uncategorized
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by James C. Stephens

Monday, May 3, 1971

Bo Marie really made me realize fortune. She hurt her eye badly, but the dude she was in the accident with was killed.

During my history class, demonstrators caused some disruption. However, these pseudo revolutionaries at least are off their rears and doing something. I don’t necessarily think it has much value, but it may be a benefit for us, in fact it is a benefit for us. It will show them the futility of a social revolution without changing the most basic unit, the human being…

I found that my perfect job had turned up. It starts this summer for $2.50 tax free, outdoors, time off for the Seattle Convention, hard muscle making work.

Daimoku toso, then promotion of Min-on tickets for Hollywood Bowl. Through unity Nancy, Rich, and I were really able to get Schaeffers to go to the Min-on. Another Jewish couple was sharing coffee with them and he talked about Nichiren Shoshu in a slandering manner. However, Nancy and I corrected such baseless slander and Schaffers decided to definitely buy tickets to the Min-on…

Daimoku Toso– an informal prayer meeting in which members chant the sutra together.



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