by James C. Stephens

Friday, April 30, 1971

Slept in today until 9:30, felt really fine (just now my brother was talking in his sleep—what a crack up). “I want another one.” Then I said, you’re awake aren’t you? And he said, “Ya, but I want another one.” What? He said nothing and went back to sleep.

Class today was interesting. In religious studies I got into a discussion about the pure lineage of a philosophy. I questioned the pureness of the Christian lineage, but he said the same thing happened in Mahayana. But I refuted that by talking of Nichiren Shoshu. I still was not clear enough. Christianity, I have found is really shot full of holes.

In my English class my teacher rapped about the planned May Day demonstration. She said we should make decisions about our feelings on the demonstration before it happens and not be led like sheep.

Tonight I freaked out about everything. Then I went out and did Shakubuku after the meeting and I think I changed a little. Russ said that spirit is not just there but is developed. Min-on is for us. Once we have a campaign we must attack it immediately or sansho-shima[1] will attack through our procrastination. He said at the end of your first year, you start to see and really change. He always scolds me, he says he can’t trust me, but he said he trusts me and that feels good. It means a lot to me.


[1] Sansho shima-“Three obstacles, four devils.”  “They are listed in the Nirvana Sutra and the DaichidoRon. The three obstacles are: (1) The obstacle of earthly desires (Jap bonno-sho), or obstacles arising from the three poisons of greed, anger, and stupidity. (2) The obstacle of karma (go-sho), or obstacles due to bad karma created by committing any of the five cardinal sins or ten evils acts. This category is also interpreted as opposition from one’s wife or children. (3) The obstacle of tretribution (ho-sho), or obstacles due to painful retribution for actions in the three evil paths. This category also indicates obstacles caused by one’s sovereign, parents or other persons who carry some sort of secular authority.”


“The four devils are: (1) The hindrance of the five components (on-ma), that is, those obstructions caused one’s physical and mental functions. (2) The hindrance of earthly desires (bonno-ma), or obstructions arising from the three poisons. (3) The hindrance of death (shi-ma), because the fear and suffering death entails obstruct one’s practice of Buddhism. (4) The hindrance of the Devil of the Sixth Heaven (tenji-ma) The obstruction is usually said to take the form of oppression by men of power.” Pg. 461-462 NSIC Dictionary.



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