by James C.  Stephens

Monday, April 26, 1971

Slowly, I am discovering that the feeling (egotistic) of being someone special is now being brought out and crushed out of me by Brass Band. At Practice tonight I thought, “Wow” all these people are getting good on their clarinets, but I’m not advancing.

Brass Band is definitely a valuable experience in cutting your karma.

I also felt the principal of kenzoku today with my Sepulveda District members. Everybody is freaking out, sickness and head numbers. It’s a good feeling knowing you’re not alone.

Today I talked with my History Professor Patterson about Jefferson. He suggested that the reason Jefferson was such a brilliant man was that he strictly adhered to his schedule and rose early and studied late. He had very strict self discipline. Such Neo-classicists became great leaders because of such devotion.

Karma-Originally in Sanskrit (karman )it meant work or office based upon our thoughts, words and actions. It’s the cosmic accounting system of our actions (past and present life) both good and bad which determine present and future effects if not in this life, the life to come.

Kenzoku-mystic relationships we have with people based upon our karma and karmic connections with others in past lives.


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