High Spirits Tommorrow

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    James C. Stephens

Friday, April 16, 1971

Well, today was a far out experience. I took my Man’s Religions exam on Hinduism and Buddhism. I think I faired quite well. My English class brought out my lazy nature again. Mrs. Foster talked to me about trying and said she couldn’t help me if I just didn’t try. I’m ashamed, but then I’m not, because finally I can challenge this problem and overcome it….Oh, got a benefit tonight. I got turned onto a new butsudon[1] in exchange for my old one; truly a benefit. I practiced my instrument again today. I hope I can keep this up and extend it to my studies. I’m afraid if I don’t then I will definitely get behind in the busy month ahead. Sunday Myohoji sports festival, parade and picnic are coming. It’s really great to spend a day with Sogohonbucho.


…Today after school I talked with Dr. Shofner and we had a good conversation, he listened very intently to the little I could relate on Nichiren’s Buddhism. He got World Tribune for May…Lately, I have really been experiencing what the importance of one’s Ichinen actually is. When it slips (your life force), it really effects your environment; like people you talk to.


…I feel like my practice is getting together again, but usually it blows up again when I say or feel that. I am trying to have faith like water, and not fire. I usually burn out too fast. Hopefully, I can change that.


“High spirits tomorrow and very constructive.”


One of my members is not practicing everyday; he’s pushing, so I am really learning more about human nature. I just am not chanting enough Diamoku for my members. I just must make more causes by doing Gongyo with him more often…


[1] Butsudon, literally means “Buddha’s home.”  It takes the form of a cabinet which houses the Gohonzon. We used to raid the back of grocery stores for fruit crates, buy some black spray paint, white poster board,  and a picture hook. We’d spray the crate, let it dry,  bend the poster board to line it, staple it in, and then hang it up at a new members with the picture hook even before they got a Gohonzon to give them a place to worship. We’d then place two candles on either side of a makeshift incense burner, have then get a small juice glass for offering water, a small plate with fruit on it, and a glass with water to put an evergreen into as the final offering.

Ichinen: Mind of a person in one moment which can manifest itself in three thousand different ways, determination.


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