Myohoji Day April 1971

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    Saturday April 16, 1971-

     Today I got up at about 8:00 and cleaned my room. Sal came over and we chanted an hour of good diamoku and did Gongyo. Afterwards we drove down to Fullerton and got a girl’s World Tribune. It was really a good experience Shakubukuing an older lady and a young girl.  They were Sal’s old acquaintances and it was a good Shakubuku. They fed us lunch and we had a good personable talk, no real hang-ups. It feels real good.

     Then we went to the Honbu and fortunately the Fuji shobo was open and I got my Seattle T-shirt for Band Tommorrow….I had an unbelievably full schedule for me, but the Gohonzon helped me achieve my goal;  for your daily schedule has got to be a goal. I got one World Tribune today which brings my total to four. It broke my record of last month, so I’m happy for that. And it just seemed my schedule answered itself. I was going to pick up my new butsudon, but Russ left it here, I was supposed to call up Jay Stone, but Jay called me; I zipped in cleaning the house and it was just a good day.

     Evening we had a good Zadankai meeting. We had an elderly man and many younger guests. I helped the older man and it made me feel good inside. But not just good, but it put me through human revolution.

     One other thing I must note; My Dad, while buying some hay, ran across a man he hadn’t seen in ten years. The benefit is this man offered my Dad or asked him to interview for a job managing a Rental (U-Rent type of set-up) Shop for $15,000-20,000 + commission a year. It sounds good, but I don’t get my hopes too high. I just have got to get him to chant so it goes through; I will chant, too of course.

     Oh, I practiced my instrument again day by day. Now I must extend that to my studies.

     Tomorrow-Myohoji-can’t wait.


Sunday-April 18, 1971

Myohoji Family Day

In 1967, April 18 President Ikeda founded Myohoji temple with Nittatsu “Geka” Shonin and Sogohonbucho. Today was equally a beautiful and significant day in the history of our United States.

     Senator Alan Cranston of California sent Sogohonbucho a letter of congratulations with a flag that flew over the nation’s capitol. Today that flag flies over Myohoji Temple.

     What happened today is not possible for me to express in words. It was just happiness. Pure happiness and Unity.

     I thank Gohonzon for letting us spend a day with our Sogohonbucho.

     Events: Volleyball tournament, Parade, Flag raising ceremony, Young people’s egg hunt, Min-on show, eats and final volleyball, and tug-of-war.

     Nancy and I visited Tony, but I just am not impressed with his lack of life.

     Thanks, Pres. Ikeda.

                                       Must sleep-



  1. Hugh Kemp says:

    Hi Jim,
    This makes for some interesting reading. I’m looking forward to following your story. Any chance of adding in some descriptors as to what some of the Japanese words are?

  2. David Cole says:

    Hi Jim. Just giving you a word of encouragement to finish posting your journal. Brings back great memories.

    I miss Mr. Williams. I really get upset hearing people slander him. I think they have no clue and have lost touch with the spirit. His spirit was the core of US Gakkai growth and somehow that was waylaid. Someday the truth will come out.

    Mr, Williams would chose the “Stars and Stripes forever” for a resason. When I read that in your journal entry, tears sprang from my eyes.

    David Cole

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your encouraging comment. It is true, whether or not we are still Buddhists or not, it seemed that Mr. Williams was wholeheartedly committed to his belief system. Good to hear from you.


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