April 13, 1971 Start of my Journal

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About 3:30 this morning we had a 3.5 earthquake. Really strange…I got back my gov’t test-got a D, as in Despicable, and then had a talk with Professor Machado. I shakubukued him. Now I must really shakubuku him through better grades and class participation.

..I studied for my Man’s religions exam but fell asleep, in the library. That seems to be a real problem with me, I use it as an escape…

Today I have a new determination to advance on my clarinet and in my studies day by day. But we’ll just have to see how long that lasts.

… We had a very good Brass Band practice tonight. I helped another member with his music and it really felt good. After Band, Honbucho, Mr. Kikamura spoke to us about Sundays activities at Myohoji. He quoted President Ikeda, saying that we should all develop our talent.” Because we can do something no one else can do for Kosen rufu. However he said that we should never think that Nichiren Shoshu needs us, but we really need Gohonzon for our individual happiness. He says Sogohonbucho is working very hard and maybe we could help him a little more by chanting some diamoku for our unity and his success in his travels.

..I really chanted tonight to feel unity maybe it will come with hard work.

Ask Gohonzon in Evening Gongyo to be in high spirits the next day and have a constructive meaningful day.

Plan your activities a day in advance during evening Gongyo is a good time. And then rethink it during morning Gongyo.



Well, today was a far out experience. I took my Man’s Religions exam on Hinduism and Buddhism. I think I faired quite well. My English class brought out my lazy nature again. Mrs. Foster talked to me about trying and said she couldn’t help me if I just didn’t try. I’m ashamed, but then I’m not, because finally I can challenge this problem and overcome it.

…Oh, got a benefit tonight. I got turned onto a new butsudon in exchange for my old one; truly a benefit. I practiced my instrument again today. I hope I can keep this up and extend it to my studies. I’m afraid if I don’t then I will definitely get behind in the busy month ahead. Sunday Myohoji sports festival, parade and picnic are coming. It’s really great to spend a day with Sogohonbucho.

…Today after school I talked with Dr. Shofner and we had a good conversation, he listened very intently to the little I could relate on Nichiren’s Buddhism. He got World Tribune for May.

..Lately, I have really been experiencing what the importance of one’s Ichinen actually is. When it slips (your life force), it really effects your environment; like people you talk to.

…I feel like my practice is getting together again, but usually it blows up again when I say or feel that. I am trying to have faith like water, and not fire. I usually burn out too fast. Hopefully, I can change that.

“High spirits tomorrow and very constructive.”

One of my members is not practicing every day, he’s pushing; so I am really learning more about human nature. I just am not chanting enough Diamoku for my members. I just must make more causes by doing Gongyo with him more often…


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